Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Savvy Shopper: cashmere in July?

I am clearly the silent partner/blogger here -- Jen rocks, right? Never fear, dear readers -- I am alive and well and ready for action. The biggest and best fall sale of the year is here! Yes, you read it right. Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom (did you expect me to write about another store?) starts 7/17/2009 at 7am. Before you rush out the door, credit card in hand, and buy a bunch of stuff that is not you, does not fit, and that you won't love when it actually comes time to wear it....stay tuned and I will guide you through the wardrobe transistion from summer to fall. Yes, ladies.....those flip flops (as much as we all love them) will eventually have to be replaced.....but we have time and lots of room to blog about it.

Before we begin our Cheap and Cheerful (or in this case inexpensive yet fashionable) foray into fall fashion, I would love to get some questions from our followers or some ideas about what to focus the five pieces everyone should have....or what not to get the idea!

Let me know what your fashion needs are -- no matter the season -- and we will all be looking sassy and saving $$$.

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  1. I want to break away from boring black flats. Help!?!



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