Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite Things: LL Bean Flip Flops

Yes, please. One of each in size 9. $19.95 per pair. A fun gift for a friend with a late Spring birthday. Plus, spend $50 at LL Bean and you get a $10 gift card for a future purchase. (I bought some Christmas presents on LL Bean this year and used my $10 gift card toward a birthday present for my daughter. She will get a nice denim skirt and I only paid $10 for it, including shipping!)

Buy This Not That: Beach Towels

Give me some sand beneath my toes and I am one happy girl. A colorful beach towel can add to the fun as well. Check out this towel for $12. Maybe this one is a little cuter but it is $22. For the $10 price difference, you can get some new swim trunks for your favorite little swimmer. My kiddos have one Target towel and one Pottery Barn towel and I think the Target towel is softer and fluffier!

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: Where do you find your best beach bargains?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Are you Krazy?

I'm not quite krazy yet, just a little bit crazy for good savings. I love the coupons the Krazy Coupon Lady just posted for board games at Target. Can you say "time to stock the gift closet"? My son is starting Kindergarten this Fall and you all know what that means: weekends = birthday parties. Now I just need to find some time to get to Target without either child in tow because you know what taking the kids to stock up on games means: buying toys for others = crying and pouting. Wish me luck!

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Find me on Facebook and Twitter (and on page 88 of the April Sacramento Magazine!)

Thank you to Nan Fitzpatrick for hooking me up with an interviewer from Sacramento Magazine. I'm on page 88 of the April issue. It's the cover story about bargain shopping. Excitement!

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I'm just experimenting with Twitter -- Follow me at cheapchatter. Mostly I post links to articles about frugal living, post giveaway information, and sometimes a funny anecdote or two.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: Do you tweet? What should I tweet about?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favorite Things: Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop -- The Easter Bunny is on his way!

While my husband loves Peeps and I've been known to eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg (or two!), I love finding Easter treats that are fun and practical. If you can keep a secret, I will tell you what is in the kids' baskets this year. I got all of this for under $25! I shopped early since I gave up Target for Lent this year!

* Dive sticks (On sale for $2.99)
* Water colors (Used Target Crayola coupon for $1.50 off two items)
* Art paper
* Books (Two each; $1 paperbacks from Scholastic)
* Matchbox cars (On sale for $.75)
* Stickers
* Bubbles
* Candy (Used $2 off Hershey brand candy coupon)

They have adorable baskets that they've used the past two years so no need for a new one.
Now if I can just make sure the Easter Bunny leaves something special in a yellow and orange wrapper for me ...

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What is the Easter Bunny stashing in your basket this year?


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