Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under Construction

We're just getting started! Cheap and Cheerful is an official "work in progress".
However, to keep you reading, we wanted to highlight what we hope will be some of the regular features of this site.

Jennifer will write about the following:
Retail Therapy: Why and How to curb your impulse buying
Grocery Game: Getting the most for your money on food
Beg, Borrow, and Steal: Who says nothing in life is free?

Margaret will cover:
Fashion Fix: Repurposing clothing and accessories to create fresh new looks from your own closet
Savvy Shopper: Great clothing, accessories and make-up with more bang for your buck

We will both tackle:
Deal of the Day: Highlighting great bargains and sweet steals
Favorite Things: Cheap and Cheerful's favorite items that are worth your money everyday of the year
Monthly Cheap and Cheerful Challenges: July's CCC will be swearing off single serving items for 31 days. Are you game? More details to follow.

Plus, we'd love to hear what YOU would love to see. Please post a comment with your ideas.

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