Thursday, June 11, 2009

Money Mantra #1: Buying Cheap

"If you buy cheap, it is always cheap." -- Ike

Saving money isn't just about getting a great price on an already inexpensive item. After all, would you want a pair of Mossimo heels if you could get an equally fabulous price on a pair of gorgeous Kate Spade pumps?

Being a savvy shopper takes some time but it comes with some awesome perks.
Part of this blog will be dedicated to sharing our savvy shopper techniques with you.

But for today, our new money mantra is "If you buy cheap, it is always cheap."
Keep this in mind: Those Kate Spade pumps will last several years while a cheap imitation may only last a season. We'll help you avoid "buying cheap" so you can invest your hard earned dollars in a quality item at a competitive price.

More later ...

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