Saturday, June 13, 2009

Retail Therapy: Catalog Envy

If you're like me, a stack of glossy catalogs arrives at your house almost every day. Whether it is Williams-Sonoma with its array of shiny pans or Hanna Andersson and her line of cozy clothes, catalogs can fuel our need for things we don't really need. Call me crazy but catalogs that come to my house go directly to my recycling bin. I can't need the red Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook and pasta attachment if I don't stare at it on page 17. And the last thing my dear daughter needs is another dress. While my method of immediate recycling may sound severe, it gives me a greater feeling of contentment with what I already have when I can avoid paging through attractive displays of what I don't have. No catalog envy = no needless spending.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: How tempting are catalogs to you? Do you have an effective method for reducing catalog envy?


  1. We don't get any :) No recycling needed, no temptation, life is good! It did take about 6 months to finally get off of everyone's lists though!

  2. Did you use a junk mail service to get off the lists or contact the companies one-by-one?

  3. I agree with not looking at the catalogs. I swear by the "One Day at a Time" method- just don't buy something today. I even have the Serenity Prayer near my computer to remind me to live a more serene life free of buying what I don't need. The "hole in my soul" can be filled with friendships, nature, family, etc- not more stuff.



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