Friday, July 24, 2009

Money Mantra #6: You Are Enough Without More Stuff

I would be the first person to admit that I want a lot of things that I don't have. Like an iPhone would be sweet, or a new 50 mm lens for my camera, or a few more pairs of premium denim. Maybe a Kate Spade purse, tubs of super duper line erasing eye cream, a drawer full of J. Crew tees, a few Tiffany necklaces, some Bernardo sandals, or the cash for a weekly mani - pedi. Wanting stuff is the easy part. Believing that you have enough and are enough without more stuff is difficult. Even in this down economy, it is easy to buy into the notion that who you are is equal to what you have. But stuff is just that ... stuff. Letting your material possessions frame your satisfaction with life is a slippery slope. But how does one go about convincing oneself that you have enough? Do you set a shopping moratorium and buy nothing but food, groceries, gas for three months? Do you donate unused clothes or household goods to charity? Do you simply make a list of what you are grateful for on a regular basis? Cheap and Cheerful would love to hear your "answers" to this dilemna.

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  1. We do a couple of pretty simple things...I am a stay at home mom, so the last year I worked, before the baby arrived, we lived as if we only had one income. As soon as the baby arrived, I pretty much stopped shopping. Other than the grocery store once a week, I stay out of the stores. I have convinced myself to live as if we don't have extra money and I think before I buy - avoiding impulse shopping.
    I routinely go through our over abundance of children's clothes (thanks to generous family mostly) and either hand them down to friends or give them to charity.
    I keep in mind that I stay at home mostly, so I don't need the latest and greatest outfit/purse/shoes.
    As long as my children and husband are happy I have enough. ...of course I have lots of wants, but they are kept in perspective.



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