Sunday, July 19, 2009

Money Mantra #5: Balk at Bad Bulk

Some people say, "If one is good, two is better." But is this always true? After all, do you really need 40 rolls of paper towels in your house at one time? If you know you can consistently find paper towels for about $.66 per roll, do you need to spend $40 on paper towels in a single shopping trip? After all, you can return to the same store and get the item for the same low price as needed. For the purposes of minimizing house clutter and freeing up cash for capitalizing on better bargains, I recommend balking at bad bulk. Remember: buy one, get one half off does not save you any dough unless you need both of the items you are purchasing. And spending more just to earn free shipping does not do your wallet any favors.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: How do you draw the line between good bulk shopping and useless bulk "deals"?

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  1. I saw a recent report that you spend more at the big box stores overall- we all knew this but now there is a report to prove it. Proceed cautiously at the warehouse stores!



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