Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Challenge: July 2009

Are you ready for the first Cheap and Cheerful Challenge? This challenge will help you be more green and also save you some green. Interested?

For the month of July, you are challenged to eliminate 5 single serving and/or individually wrapped items from your grocery list.

For example: Juice boxes, no. Juice by the gallon, yes. Individually wrapped chips, no. Chips divided into single serving Tupperware containers, yes. Granola bars, no. Make your own muffins or bars, yes. You get the picture.

Join us. Leave a comment here about what you plan to do. I'll check in with those committed for a progress report in 2 weeks and a report card at the end of the month. I am sure you will all pass this challenge with flying colors!


  1. Jennifer, I like the spirit of this idea and clearly you have good intentions to make the planet a better place.
    Any thoughts on whether buying in economy/value pack sizes encourages faster consumption due to less attention to portion control-- and subsequently increased purchasing of packaging?

  2. I've never thought of it that way since portion control is not a big issue at our house. My kids are little and will only eat what I serve them and I have good self control = ). What do others think?

  3. On occasion we've done granola bars, but otherwise we don't do individual servings of anything unless you count yogurt in various flavors (not the packs though) or popsicles :)
    I have always figured (without doing any research) that individual packages of things = more money spent. So we buy regular sizes and just put individual servings in little containers as needed. It's nice to think that was a little "green" without thinking about it.



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