Friday, April 9, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: 6,000 Page Views!

We're 10 page views away from 6,000! Leave a comment here to put us over the top. A special prize will be given to the 10th person to comment. Ready, set, go!

Leave a note: What is your favorite blog feature? What new material would you like to see on the blog?

Thanks for being my faithful readers!



  1. congrats Jen, so awesome! ~ mary ellen

  2. Yes, congrats! I always like to read what you've posted.

  3. I forgot to mention I like your recipes, I like when you talk about how you keep your groceries at about $100 a week...especially since my bill just keeps increasing!
    I would like to know where you get all your coupons and how much time you dedicate to that. How do you keep track of them?
    And how do you find the time to follow all these sites in search of bargains!

  4. I get most of my coupons online. There are some you can print ( and and some that I load to my Safeway card ( and I also get coupons from the weekly Safeway ad and sometimes from the Sunday paper. Right now, I save about $12 - $15 per trip with coupons. I still base my grocery list heavily on Safeway Club card "deals" and save about $25 - $40 per week on those items.



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