Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grocery Game: Operation Eat-It-Up

Is there a bag of Trader Joe's rotini lurking in the back of your pantry? Or two cans of black beans perched on your shelf? Or maybe some neglected tomato soup? A frozen bag of chicken breasts? Some lonely vegetables? If your fridge and pantry look like mine do this week, it is time to launch Operation Eat-it-Up.

What I have on hand:

Dinner #1: linguine, canned tomatoes (crushed, diced, sauce, and paste), frozen turkey meatballs, frozen green beans, frozen sourdough rolls

Dinner #2: flour and corn tortillas, black or refried beans, Spanish rice "mix", corn

Dinner #3: eggs, bacon, Bisquick for pancakes, two potatoes

Dinner #4: cheddar cheese, wheat bread, tomato soup

Dinner #5: frozen chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons, caesar dressing

So, I have my five dinners for this week without buying anything. Are these my five favorite meals? No. But Operation Eat-it-Up is in place and there is no looking back.

I will probably spend about $45 at the store this week as we are still stocked on bread, cheese sticks, raisins, and some odds and ends snack wise from last week.

My list will include:

pita bread
trash bags
paper towels

I am excited to see how creative I can be with what is in the house. Geeky, I know.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: How do you execute Operation Eat-it-Up?

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