Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Santa's Little Secrets

Santa has been busy here in Sacramento. With great sales already in progress, I've started gathering gifts for Christmas morning. Since my family does read the blog, I am not going to give away too many specifics but I will share some secret sources for great "stocking" gifts.

1. Scholastic Books Clubs: You can get super cute, holiday themed paper backs for $1 or $2 from the October and November Book club flyers. I normally get about $20 worth of books to have on hand for sending to friends, cousins, or to take as a hostess gift for a party held where little people live. Since these are books that normally retail for $4.99 and up, my savings is substantial.

2. Michael's Dollar Bins: I've found adorable stationery, magnets, notepads, rubber stamps, and stickers for $1 and sometimes 2 for $1.

3. Airline Miles: We don't travel much but we do earn some miles each year. These miles tend to expire in December or January. When we have enough miles to "buy" magazine subscriptions, we share the wealth with others. Nothing fancy, just treating a friend to a year of reading.

4. Shop on December 26th or 27th of the year before for great ornaments, cards, tissue and gift bags. I got great wooden ornaments for $2 each last year that will make perfect hostess gifts during this year's party season.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What are your "Santa secrets"?

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