Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: What's in your Halloween bowl?

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know -- What do you pass out on Halloween? Do you stick with candy or do other non-edible items? Where have you found the best prices on Halloween treats?

Please post a comment and share with other Cheap and Cheerful faithful readers.


  1. We usually just go with big bags of candy from Target, but I've gotten little toys from Oriental Trading Company as well. My mother-in-law makes little bags filled with toys and treats, which is sweet, but time-consuming.

  2. We aren't usually home for our trick or treaters to be honest since we got out with our own kids. We usually buy one small bag of something somewhere and then supplement it with the kids own candy that they get from trick or treating- the ones they don't like which is usually quite a lot and give it back to the trick or treaters....we totally cheat!!! Regifting so to speak :)!!!

  3. ...since we "get" out with our own kids (sorry for typo!)

  4. We usually just buy candy, but I'm thinking about Halloween fortune cookies this year! Steve's trying to talk me out of it b/c he thinks our kids are have an abnormal obsession with fortune cookies and other kids won't like it as much...

    Your neighbor's porch faces ours, so they distribute out candy while we trick or treat and then we pass it out until we run out. And yes, we run out b/c the entire world trick or treats in our neighborhood.

  5. If you are still looking for candy alternatives for this yr, my neighbors give out chocolate milk and it is such a big hit that kids talk about it blocks away "Is this the chocolate milk block?"

    We've also done play doh. The big kids actually liked the black ones.



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