Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Ideas from our Faithful Readers

* Katrina from Sacramento recommends checking out Swap Mamas, an online forum for trading clothes and gear with other moms. If you've already tried it, please leave a comment with your experiences.

* I did some coupon code googling and found a 15% off code for Costume The code is EERIE99. I was not able to find an expiration date but it worked today! Also, the site is offering free shipping now for orders over $75.

* Have you ever tried The site goes "live" on Thursday late in the evening or Friday early morning each week and offers printable in-store coupons. You "search" the site for links to coupons in various denominations -- from the grand prizes of $75 or $50 off $100 to smaller amounts that are still great deals. The in-store coupons are good for one week. This tip was passed on to me by Alyssa in Colorado.

* Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What are your recent deal finding success stories?

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  1. Halloween themed shirts at Target - $3.99 for size 6(small) and up, and $5.99 for the little ones (toddler up to size 4). For $10 I purchased what I consider "limited run" clothing items for my two boys and made them very happy. There was a variety of themes - we went with Frankenstein and Spiders.



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