Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favorite Things: Five for $5 (or under!)

Here at Cheap and Cheerful, we understand the value of a good treat. And we rejoice when a good treat can also be a good value. Here are 5 treats that are $5 or less. Guilt-free indulgence. It doesn't get any better.

1. It's It ice cream sandwich
A little slab of heaven in your hands. Oatmeal cookies and your choice of vanilla, chocolate, mint or coffee ice cream. Sold wherever the shopkeeper is smart enough to keep them on hand.

2. An US magazine and Diet Coke
Enough said.

3. A fun coin purse
It will come in handy when saving those pennies!

4. The newest OPI nail polish color
Life is too short to buy cheap nail polish. My favorite OPI shade is a red called "I'm Not Really a Waitress".

5. $5 worth of new iTunes tracks
Nothing can boost my mood like some new tunes. Make it about you by picking five songs that would create a little soundtrack for your day.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What pick-me-up-treat under $5 would you add to this list? You know you've got at least two great suggestions. So, don't be shy. Add yours here!


  1. Iced soy mocha from Peet's, the NY Times, and a quiet coffee shop :-)

  2. A 50 cent packet of lavendar from the farmer's market to freshen up the car or house, along with freshening my mood (they are supposed to be for the dryer, but so what), an iced tea from anywhere for les than $1.95, a $1 red box rental of a romantic comedy, and $1.50 left over to add to my next $5 treat...



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