Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Great Money Saving Ideas from our Faithful Readers

Three of Cheap and Cheerful's faithful readers sent in some super tips this week. Great advice from three great people. Enjoy!

The first is from Julie in Seattle:
"Hi there! Thank you so much for the blog, I check it every day now! Love it! I have another site I go to when I need new electronics, which is how I found my camera. It's called, and it's a consumer-driven site where people post amazing internet deals that they find...a lot of them are "mistakes" that are made online that customers can take advantage on. For example, one person may see that Best Buy accidentally marked their latest color printer down to 39.99 instead of 99.99, so you can jump on it if you act quickly enough. Other deals are just great finds that people post about, perhaps a one-day sale that Sears is having on treadmills or something. I found my amazing new Kodak Z8612 through slickdeals for 129.99 with free shipping, and most online stores carry it for around $200. Anyway just thought you'd appreciate the tip if you hadn't heard about the site before!"

Here's a tip from Todd in Sacramento:
"With gas prices on the climb, who wouldn’t take advantage of a steep price per gallon discount? If you shop at Safeway/Vons you accrue PowerPump rewards quarterly every time you use your Safeway Club Card. For every $100 you spend while using your club card, you earn a 10¢ off per gallon PowerPump Reward. If your family is like me, you can rack up a serious grocery tab over 3 months. You can save big on gas by simply purchasing your normal share of groceries, gift cards and prescriptions. The advertized price per gallon was $2.97. But by utilizing our saved up PowerPump Rewards, we cut the price per gallon by 80¢ and filled up two tanks at $2.17 per gallon. All together, our purchase of 27 gallons of gas saved us almost $22.00 and all we had to do is buy the staples our family traditionally buys and redeem the award before it expired. Fill’er up!"

And Jody in Gilroy wrote,
"Instead of eating out, eat outside at your own house. Dining alfresco can make a regular dinner feel like date night."

Keep the great tips coming! I'll "publish" three more reader tips next week. Will one be yours?

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