Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: $300 Grocery Challenge Continues -- October Week 2

The savings continue! I did my "fill in" shopping trip this week and picked up fruit, milk, vegetables, pretzels, crackers, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and pasta. I spent $40.60 and also used Self Checkout for the first time ever! I've got about $150 left for the rest of the month. Any ideas on what to make?


  1. I will think of dinner ideas but my bigger question with the $300 budget is how do you incorporate feeding others (say you have another family over for dinner, play dates, etc)?

  2. Here's a suggestion for you for dinner ideas and also a suggestion for Rachel. Every Sunday night my husband puts two chickens (two for $10.00 from Costco) on the barbecue rotisserie. Super easy and way, way better than the ones you buy. If you have company, which we often do on Sunday, you can make it stretch with side dishes.(Everyone who comes for dinner requests our chicken) If you don't have company, then there is plenty left over for at least one other meal using left over chicken and also for use in sandwiches. I never buy lunch meat, so it's nice to have the chicken for sandwiches. If you are interested I will ask John the details. I do know it takes about 5 minutes of prep and then little else except time on the rotisserie.

  3. We probably should entertain more than we do. But when we do have people over or guests in town, we can still usually stick within the budget. Normally I will plan in advance for the extra costs that night/week and have simpler meals the week before.
    I'd love the chicken recipe! We love making chicken when guests come. We also often do a "burger bar" or make your own pizzas. Ice cream sundaes or brownies are a fun, cheap dessert.



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