Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Money Mantra: Build a "Fun Fund"

How do you build a "Fun Fund"? It's easy. Save money when purchasing your essentials and roll that cash into your "Fun Fund". Using coupons at the grocery store might save you $15 a week. In just two weeks time, you'd have enough money for a pedicure without dipping into another category of your budget. Those sassy new sandals you have your eye on? Plan a use up the food in your pantry week and pocket the $25 dollars you didn't have to give to cashier at Safeway. See, saving money can be fun!

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: How do you build your "Fun Fund"?

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  1. I set up a separate bank account this year to deposit rebates, etc into it. It was sort of an experiment because I follow a blog ( where the blogger pays for her family's two-week vacation to Disney World just with coupon savings/rebates/etc. I am surprised/proud to report that I have over $350 in that account now and we are just at the mid-year point. I am sure the account could be larger, but it is more than I anticipated. It just goes to show that every little savings does add up.



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