Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grocery Game: Behind the Scenes

Before I share my menu and shopping list for the upcoming week, I thought I would share some behind the scenes "secrets" that may help you with your own planning.(Some of these topics are detailed in previous posts if you are interested in more information.)

1. My monthly budget of $400 per month does not include wine (it pays to have a brother-in-law who is a winemaker), beer (don't drink it), soda (don't drink it), or paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, and toothbrushes which I purchase at Target or Costco.

2. I only shop once a week (usually Mondays) and I only shop at Safeway.

3. I am flexible, as needed, about brands. The price of being 100% brand loyal is often too steep.

4. I rely on Safeway Club card deals and weekly specials first, adding coupons as needed/available.

5. I take an inventory of my pantry and fridge before I create my shopping list. This important step helps me use up food on hand as I create my weekly list.

Since the Safeway add arrives every Wednesday, my menu planning begins tonight. (Let me know if you have a must try recipe! Maybe I can work it in to next week's menu?)

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  1. Hey Jen

    Ever since I learned that you only spend $100/week on groceries you inspired/challenged me to do the same. I have to say that I don't quite make it every week but our total monthly bill is down to about $500 - $600 per month and that includes a lot of toiletries, etc that I often buy during the weekly shop. I agree with all of your tips. PLAN your meals and shopping list. Check the pantry before you buy something you already have. Or, use what's in your pantry to dictate your menu planning (e.g. have some extra spinach that will go bad soon? plan for spinach frittata this week.) Co-ordinate recipes that use similar ingredients so you don't waste food.
    The challenge for me is that a lot of the recipes I like to make involve a lot ingredients that get a little spendy. So, I allow myself to make a few of those a week and make simple things like spaghetti or enchilada casserole the rest of the week.
    Happy shopping!



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