Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Things: Fun and Funky Hostess Gifts

As much as your host would appreciate a nice bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers, why not think outside of the box when picking a hostess gift?

Here are a few ideas that are fun, funky, and under $5.

* At most grocery stores and also online, you can find these kitchy candles. Wrap it up in some cellophane and top with a ribbon.

* I love giving cute, colorful paper napkins or fingertip towels. Caspari, sold at Target and stationery stores, has some unique designs.

* Wrap up a picture frame. Then, send some prints from the evening in your thank you note for the hostess to place in the new frame. Aaron Brothers is having a 25% off the entire store sale right now.

* Bring a game. It is always easy to find a card game or board game on sale. You can bring something for the host family to play later or to enliven the event.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What are your favorite go-to hostess gifts?


  1. LOL, I'm the loser that always brings wine or flowers :)

  2. Oh, there is nothing wrong with wine. Especially if it is Clesi = )



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