Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful's 200th Post! Photo Class Pass Giveaway!

Good morning faithful readers of Cheap and Cheerful! This morning marks our 200th post. We are celebrating this milestone with our first giveaway.

You can win a pass to Katrina Kennedy's amazing online photo class -- "Kids, Captured Through the Lens". Click on the button at the top of the blog for more details.

Post a comment here describing your photo taking philosophy. One winner will be chosen by our illustrious judging panel.

Deadline: 5 pm tomorrow, Sunday, October 11th

Class begins on Monday, October 12th


  1. Congrats on your 200th post, C & C!

    My philosophy? I've never thought about this before!

    1) My kids are my primary subjects.
    2) I shoot in natural lighting without the flash as much as possible.
    3) I LOVE bright, intense, clear color!
    4) I take many, many, many pictures.

    Good luck :-)

  2. It is hard for me to get a natural smile from my youngest, so I prefer candids to posed. Instead of "say cheese!" or something of that nature, I make a complete idiot of myself in order to solicit a laugh or a natural grin. Whether that means singing a goofy song or saying something like "imagine long strings of spaghetti are hanging out of my nose"...those photos always come out WAY better!

  3. I love capturing the candid moments - to remember the fun, frustrating and poignant moments as much as possible...they seem to slip from memory so quickly.

  4. I'd love to take Katrina's class in the hopes of developing a photo philosophy. I have taken plenty of special-to-me, but artistically not-so-hot photos. With the arrival of my second (and likely last) child, I want to be able to capture the innocence and idiosyncracies of the kiddos.



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