Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Challenge: September Savvy Shopper

I'm the first to admit that finding deals at Target is one thing while getting a bargain basement price on a high end item is another. In order to sharpen those savvy shopper skills, we present the September challenge. Four high end items and four weeks to find some fall fashion steals. Can you find the following? If you can find these Fall must-haves, please share with the class. Email us at

Item 1: A hot handbag for under $50; should be made from high quality materials
Item 2: Little black dress for Fall for under $60; should be fashion forward and available in many sizes
Item 3: A funky necklace for under $20; anything goes!
Item 4: A must have beauty item for under $5; use your imagination!

Ready, set, grab those high end deals!

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