Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Things: Multi- Purpose Halloween Costumes

My very clever sister-in-law and I agree about a lot of things, especially on aiming for Halloween costumes that aren't just "one shot wonders". Our little niece will be sporting a skirt similar to the one shown above, pairing it with a cute polo and throwing on a cardigan if she gets chilly. Grab a pink neck scarf, pull on a cute pair of ruffle socks and slip on some Mary Janes you've already got on hand and you've got an adorable costume! After the treat bucket is empty, she can still wear all of the costume items again. Now, that's what I call cheap and cheerful! [Find the adorable skirt here.]

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: Where do you find your best Halloween deals? What are some fun costumes that include reusable items?


  1. Lisey is going to wear her dance recital costume. We're going pair it with some wings and she'll be Tinkerbell.

    Disney Outlet has some good deals. I personally love Halloween so much, that I don't mind the price tag of the costumes. Plus the girls wear them again and again for dress up.

  2. Good point -- it is worth the money to get the kiddo something they'll really like. I must admit that I am embracing Halloween more now through their eyes.
    And the funny thing is -- they started out this year with ideas of costumes with resuable items (Dora and Diego) but as of today, they are stuck on Luke Skywalker and Minnie Mouse. Poetic justice?

  3. It's all about the cape! My mom made Ian a vampire cape last year that has been transformed into Superman, Batman, Ironman and countless other unnamed men! There has not been a week it hasn't come out of the closet! And yes, he even wore it to school.

    And if M is Luke he can pal around with Ian as Yoda!



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