Monday, August 17, 2009

Beg, Borrow, and Steal: Loving Your Local Library

I'm always amazed at the wonderful, brand new books that I am able to check out at the library. Just last week, I picked up two novels for myself that had never been checked out before. Who needs Borders when you can get hot-off-the-press books to enjoy for free?

I also utilize the library to preview books that I might like to purchase for my kids or as gifts. My children recently enjoyed these two well written and beautifully illustrated books:

A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech
A funny story about an overly enthusiastic principal and a little girl who sets him straight!

An Egg Is Quiet by Dianna Aston
Perfect for any budding scientist

Both books come in hardcover editions and can be found for under $14.

Cheap and Cheerful wants to know: What do you love about your library?

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  1. We make it to the library at least once a week. Here's what we love: (1) it's walking distance so I can put the kids in the stroller and play a game of eye-spy or alphabet scavenger hunt and before you know it, we're there! And just in time for (2) story time!! When a sweet wonderful librarian reads to a room full of 3-90 year olds, leads them in songs and games and somehow remembers every single one of their names. While the kids are doing that, mom can go hit the reserved books shelves (3) and pick up the books I selected online, someone else found for me and set aside until I was ready to come get them. After story time, we hit the kids section (4) where my kids pick out whatever looks good that day...sometimes we pick winners, sometimes we don't - but it doesn't cost me a dime (5!! LOVE FREE!!) to take home books we don't like - we just bring 'em back! After a quick stop at the self-checkout, we're walking home! Oh, and we do find a book we aren't willing to part with, we can go onto the website and request a renewal (6). Or, "oh no, it's Wednesday and all 36 of our books are due today but we don't have time to make it there!!" - just go online and renew 'em and you can keep them for a couple more weeks (or until you can get by the library to return them!). (7) You can check out 100 books AND 100 movies AND 100 magazines at a time. I've never checked out any movies or magazines, but we've gotten close to the 100 book limit before. WE LOVE THE LIBRARY!!



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