Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Chatter: Dinner on a Dime

Our faithful readers have done it again ... I present their tips and tricks on delicious dinners that won't break the bank.

Janine suggested: "My kids and I love to make individual pizzas! I buy Trader Joe's refrigerated pizza dough (I get the whole wheat). I divide them in 4ths, slop on some sauce, add grated cheese and then the kids get to pick their toppings..our favorites are canadian bacon with pineapple, plain cheese, and cheese with pepperoni. I grab one of their salad packs, for a quick and easy side salad. Super yum!"

"Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken (2 packages for $4.99 each), steamed broccoli and jasmine rice!" was the tasty idea from Julie.

Ali added,"In a baking dish layer fresh, uncooked ravioli (or tortelini), sauteed spinach (sauteed fresh with garlic and olive oil), jarred pasta sauce that's been jazzed up with fresh garlic and Italian seasonings, a cheese mixture of ricotta and grated Parmesan...layer a couple times ending with cheese on top. Bake at about 375-400 until sauce is bubbly and cheese is bubbly and browning....Serve with bread and salad and enjoy!"

And, last but not least, Tracy's meal is as follows: "Here's a cheap under $15 meal for you...1 puff pastry sheet cut into 6 rectangles (the box comes with two), 1 package of ground italian sausage ($1.50). Cook up the sausage and stuff the rectangles, folding edges over to make triangle pockets, wash tops w/ egg. Bake at around 425 for 15 minutes or so. 1 head of romaine ($1 at Farmer's Market) with parmesan I have in the frig and caesar dressing I have. 1 $.95 bunch of broccoli. There's a salad, sausage pockets (we dip in marinara or sweet mustard) and broccoli. Lots of wiggle room in the pocket book for adding your favorite dessert"

Is it dinner time yet?

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