Friday, July 17, 2009

Beg, Borrow, Steal: Coupon Swap

It's great seeing glossy coupons for great deals fill your mailbox. I get so many coupons I can't use and always try to get them into the hands of a shopper who can capitalize on the savings.

At the moment, I've got three coupons up for grabs! Leave me a comment here and I can get the coupon in the mail, direct to your doorstep.

Birthday Express: $30 off an order of $150, $20 an order of $100, $10 off an order of $50 or $5 off a $25 order. I've used the website in the past and the prices are already on the low end and the shipping is super fast. Expires August 7, 2009

Target: $5 off a Cheerokee school uniform purchase of $30 or more, $1 off Hanes for Kids, $5 off school supplies over $25 (except for backpacks and calculators). Expires on August 24

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: $10 off an in store purchase of $30 or more, Expires August 24

TGIF and Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer - if you still have the Target coupon I will take it. I can pick it up Friday :)



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